So what does FREEDOM look like?

Well we had the privilege of partnering with Russell Grant of Business Doctors last week to provide an audience of over 25 our thoughts on the subject.


In a first of its kind collaboration between a financial planner & business consultant, we tackled this topic in a thought provoking and innovative way.


The workshop was held at the stunning Winstanley Hall in their Pavilion Room. Rather than selling financial products at the audience – like nearly every other financial adviser – we were determined that every attendee would take away value. By using the time in the seminar to focus on themselves – where are they now? Where do they want to be? Now the tricky questions are …what’s stopping you? What’s the story you keep telling yourself that prevents you from moving forward.


Now we all have a story….the question is do you understand yours? Your story which includes your ‘money story’ determines how you save, determines how you spend, determines how you invest. It determines your attitude to risk. Most importantly, it determines your perception of your financial future.


So Freedom is actually determined by how you understand your ‘money story’. By conquering the emotional biases you have around money, you give yourself the opportunity of creating a lifestyle by design. An authentic life. A good life. A life where you use your wealth to maximise the most precious asset we all have – YOUR TIME!

Our session concentrated our audiences attention on their time, and how they wished to use it. The responses we received by those who attended were fantastic, and proved our formulae is one to continue with.

Below are selection of photographs by the fabulous Hitesh Rao of Hitz Rao Photography of the event.


If you wish to be considered for any forthcoming events or you’d like to have a conversation around using your wealth to maximise the use of your time please either call 0116 262 1414 or emailĀ


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