Why choose us?

We do things differently at Tilton Conway. Find out how we stand apart.

Female-focused advice

Women often live longer than men, earn less and receive a smaller pension. Financial planners are well-placed to help women navigate these challenges but women’s experiences of the financial services sector are often less than ideal.

One study in 2016, found that female investors experienced advisers who “misunderstood their goals”, “could not empathise with their lifestyle” and were “unwelcoming”, “patronising” and “full of jargon”.*

We do things differently. Our whole focus is the needs of women. And our whole team  understand the challenges women face in gaining financial independence and peace of mind.

“Raj is a lovely man that women can go to and feel safe.” (Amanda, Nottingham)


*Source: Center for Talent Innovation, USA.

Two decades of experience

We have considerable experience doing what we do. Our Managing Director Rajesh Modha first qualified as a Financial Planner in 2010, gained Chartered Financial Planner status in 2016 and has been successfully helping women to achieve financial wellbeing for a decade now.

But unlike many firms who have been around a while, we’re not stuck in our ways. In fact, we go out of our way to embrace innovation. In 2021, Raj became a Certified Financial Coach, further enabling him to help clients overcome barriers to their success and supporting women in their journeys.

A Chartered Financial Planner

Of the 26,677 financial advisers and planners registered to give advice in the UK in 2018, less than a quarter held the status of CII Chartered Financial Planner. Despite our low numbers, it’s always worth seeking out a Chartered Financial Planner. That’s because chartered status is a symbol of technical competence and a commitment to upholding professional standards and ethics as laid out in the CII (Chartered Institute of Insurance) Code of Ethics.

A holistic approach

We offer our clients far more than just financial advice.

As a client, you will be given the space to explore your relationship with money and yourself without judgement or prejudice. In doing so, you will be able to identify which aspects of this relationship do and do not work for you currently.

Our approach is based on behavioural psychology and the belief that people are far more likely to follow a financial plan and achieve their financial goals, when they are able to understand and tackle their underlying financial behaviours.

We operate with integrity, empathy and compassion

“Often when it comes to money, you’re made to feel stupid if you don’t know things. But I’ve never felt that way by Raj. And I’ve never felt judged. That’s enabled me to have deep, honest, impactful conversations and interventions.” (Kate, London, client since 2020)

“I am quite a driven, strong lady but he’s always there backing me and taking the time to understand things from my point of view. He’s definitely an empath – someone who is just wired to understand other people’s emotions.” (Amanda, Nottingham, client since 2018)

“You feel like they’re not just interested in your money; they’re interested in your whole wellbeing.” (Sharon, Staffordshire, client since 2020)

We’re by your side and on your side.

We’re independent

We are independent financial advisers (IFAs). That means we’re not tied to any one provider or product and can explore the entire market to find the most appropriate financial solution for you. You can rest assured we don’t face any conflicts of interest and the only recommendations we make are the ones we believe to be truly in your best interests.