Professional advisers

Whether they are going through a divorce, selling a business, have been recently bereaved, or received a recent personal injury payout, clients often need help understanding the full financial implications of their legal or business decisions.

By partnering with us, your clients will have access to an experienced Chartered Financial Planner, Registered Life Planner® and Certified Financial Coach, alongside a team of other professionals and an experienced client support team. With our help, your clients will be better able to understand the implications of the financial decisions they are facing and how each potential outcome is likely to impact on their chances of achieving their wider life goals. It will also mean they are better positioned to take decisions that are right for them.

Working with us enables you to offer a more comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to solving your clients’ problems.

How we help


Financial planning

A financial plan gives people clarity over their financial future. Built around each individual’s unique requirements and objectives, it enables clients to identify their financial objectives and understand how they are going to achieve them.


Cashflow modelling

Cashflow planning is a key part of the financial planning process. We use sophisticated cashflow forecasting technology, to help illustrate how different decisions and events are likely to impact on clients’ abilities to achieve their objectives.


Investment management

We can help your clients structure their investments to fund their financial plans. We remain on hand to guide and coach clients, helping them avoid the behavioural pitfalls many investors fall into and helping them to legally minimise their exposure to tax.


Ongoing support

We see our work as having only just begun with the creation of a plan. With any major life change, there may be many obstacles to overcome before financial confidence is achieved. We, therefore, keep clients’ progress under continuous review, remain a source of emotional and technical support, and available to help adjust their arrangements if life calls for a change of plan.

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Sheron: Advice at key crossroads in life

"I set my initial goals with Raj. When we reviewed them a couple of years later, without realising it, I’d achieved them all."

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Amanda: Recently divorced

"I was going through a divorce when I first went to Raj for his help. What I noticed straight away was that the conversation wasn’t just about my finances."

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Kate: Changing money mindsets

"Raj has helped me shift the shame I felt about so called 'good money behaviour' and 'bad money behaviour'."

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Sharon: Gaining financial confidence

"Working with Raj has opened my life up. You come out of his office buzzing with positivity. It is truly life-changing."

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