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If you’ve spoken to a number of financial planning or advice firms in your search for help, you may have noticed that firms take a variety of approaches when it comes to addressing your challenges.

Some firms will take a product-driven approach, focusing purely on your financial arrangements and investment portfolio.

Our approach differs as it goes much deeper.

Values-Based Financial Planning™

We believe that for financial planning to be truly transformational, it needs to go much deeper than traditional financial advice.

At Tilton Conway, we don’t talk about your money until we know about you. So the first step in our approach is getting to know you. We want to understand your concerns and your values.

To do this, we use a method called “Values-Based Financial Planning™”.

As the name suggests, Values-Based Financial Planning™ is about building a financial plan that is based on the things that are important to you.

Our experience has shown us that by taking time to explore and define your values at the outset of your financial planning journey, we can build a plan that is just right for you, and which you are more likely to follow through to completion.

How it works

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Having a conversation

We start by having a conversation. We want to get to know you; what you want to achieve, what your current challenges are and what’s important to you in your life. We’ll listen and give you the chance to ask us any questions you have. It’s vital you feel we’re the right fit for you. We will never apply pressure or hurry you into decisions, but if you decide we’re right for you, we’ll explain the next stages of the journey and give you a clear idea of what our work will cost going forward.

Fee: We do not charge a fee for this meeting.

Discovery meeting

There is a reason we start by asking you about your life and overall wellbeing, rather than just your finances, and that’s because we know the two are very much linked. True wellbeing can only be achieved when you have financial security, but all the money in the world doesn’t bring happiness unless you are able to do the things you really want in life. We use the “Kinder Method” of life planning, to help you explore what you want from life and what obstacles may be standing in your way. Our next job is to work out how we might use your finances to remove those obstacles.

Fee: All our fees are fixed. We do not charge fees as a percentage of your assets under management, because we believe that fees should be a reflection of the extent and scope of the work we will undertake on your behalf. We don’t think that calculating fees based simply on your wealth is a fair way to charge.

We will be clear and transparent about what that fixed fee is, discussing it with you at your initial meeting and informing you in writing of our fee before we begin any work. We will only commence payable work once you have signed our client agreement. You can also rest assured that you will never be surprised by any hidden extras while working with us.

Cashflow planning meeting

We use sophisticated cashflow planning tools to pull together a full picture of your finances – your assets, liabilities, income and expenditure – and to illustrate your likely financial future under different circumstances. Cashflow modelling is useful as it allows us to see how close you are to achieving your goals with a higher degree of accuracy than we might otherwise we able to achieve, and to answer questions you may have such as “Do I have enough money?” and “When can I retire?”

At this stage, we’ll also talk about our investment strategy, your attitude to risk, and balance that with the risk of you not living the life you want.

Our recommendations

With all that information at our fingertips, we are then able to make some solid recommendations about how you can move closer to living a life that is fulfilling, comfortable and secure. And to explain the reasons behind our recommendations. More importantly, you are able to make fully informed, confident decisions about what you should do next. You can have as much time as you like to come to any decisions on your next steps; we don’t apply pressure.


If you decide to proceed with any of our recommendations, we will take care of any work required to implement your plan. That may mean setting up and managing an investment portfolio, or making changes to your existing protection policies, pensions or savings plans. It may even mean you going out and spending some of your hard-earned money, with new-found confidence, knowing that you can afford it.

Ongoing support

To ensure you stay on track, we offer the option of ongoing support. We will work closely with you, remaining available for your questions and ready to adjust your plans if life takes an unexpected turn. This close relationship ensures your plan can be adapted to your changing circumstances and goals, and that you are not facing challenges alone.

We will also make any adjustments that are needed along the way to ensure you maximise all opportunities around tax planning and investment management. Most importantly, we will ensure your visions remains in focus at all times.

Fee: If you choose to work with us on an ongoing basis, we will charge you one fixed yearly fee. Again, we believe the only fair way to calculate your fees for this service is to align it to the amount of work you agree we should undertake for you. We will discuss this in detail with you before commencing any ongoing work.

A note on exit fees – we don’t charge them. You are free to end your relationship with us at any point. Our view is that no one should be charged for doing what they think is right with their money.

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