Our purpose

Tilton Conway was created to support independent women.

Our specific focus is on helping women find the courage to live the life they want to lead, and the strength to genuinely love their imperfect selves. We do that through a combination of financial coaching, financial planning and independent financial advice.

As a client, you will be given the space to explore your relationship with money and yourself without judgement or prejudice. In doing so, you will be able to identify which aspects of this relationship do and do not work for you currently.

By obtaining a true understanding of certain aspects of your thinking and behaviours, we can work in partnership to create a strategy and plan that not only tackles the financial challenges you face, but also the behavioural and emotional blocks that may lay behind them. Once you have done this work, you are far better positioned to follow your financial plan and enjoy a life lived on purpose.

Our core values


We seek to understand before being understood and take the time to listen without passing judgement.


We will give you the information and tools you need to achieve results

Financial education

We will share our knowledge, enabling you to gain skills and understand your own money.

Financial confidence

Financial confidence is key in achieving financial wellbeing. Our goal is your financial freedom and self-assurance.

Our experience

Our team has been providing holistic, female-focused financial planning for more than three decades. (Time flies when you have such a rewarding job!)

As you’d imagine for a team with as much experience as we have, we’ve built up substantial expertise and knowledge when it comes to successfully managing our clients’ wealth. Just as importantly, however, we’ve learnt just what it means to our clients to know we understand them, believe in them, and are invested in their vision for their future.

That’s why our focus is never just on your money – but what opportunities it can open up for you. Our aim is to enable you to live confidently and freely.

Our team

Each member of our team is here to support you on your journey. Come and meet us and find out how we can help you.

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Rajesh Modha

I believe my role involves helping our clients understand themselves so that they can make purposeful decisions about their lives.

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Neil Modha

The best part of my job is arranging a mortgage for people to buy their dream houses. I also protect their lifestyle by arranging insurance.

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Manesh Chohan

I have a degree in Money, Banking and Finance. Day to day, my role involves supporting the advisers’ work, helping with mortgage applications, insurance and pension transfers.

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Kay Solanki

What do I enjoy most about my job? Getting mortgage offers out and seeing people complete on their mortgage. It's so rewarding knowing I've helped someone achieve their dream

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