Holistic, female-focused financial planning

Placing your life and the changes you want to see at the centre of your financial planning. Helping you feel differently about your money and yourself.

How we help

Financial planning and therapeutic coaching

At Tilton Conway, we’re more than just a financial advice firm.

Our specific focus is on helping women find the courage to live the life they want to lead, and the strength to genuinely love their imperfect selves. We do that through a combination of financial coaching, financial planning and independent financial advice.

Alongside the regulated financial advice we provide, you will benefit from the opportunity to explore your financial behaviour and transform your relationship with money.

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You’re likely to have a lot on your plate and precious little time to plan your personal finances. Benefit from focused time planning your future and our expertise on how to achieve it.

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Clients who plan to divorce or are divorced

Divorce can mean not just the end of a marriage, but the loss of an imagined future too. We will help you financially and emotionally rebuild your life so you can move forward with confidence.

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Clients who have been bereaved

Losing a loved one can bring financial uncertainty as well as emotional challenges. We are here to guide you through and help you regain confidence and security.

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Professional advisers

Give your clients the peace of mind of knowing their needs are being addressed by a strong and united team of professionals who can help them with both their financial and legal challenges.

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How we help

Read more about how we help those clients we work with.

How we help

Our clients say...

Sheron: Advice at key crossroads in life

"I set my initial goals with Raj. When we reviewed them a couple of years later, without realising it, I’d achieved them all."

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Amanda: Recently divorced

"I was going through a divorce when I first went to Raj for his help. What I noticed straight away was that the conversation wasn’t just about my finances."

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Kate: Changing money mindsets

"Raj has helped me shift the shame I felt about so called 'good money behaviour' and 'bad money behaviour'."

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Sharon: Gaining financial confidence

"Working with Raj has opened my life up. You come out of his office buzzing with positivity. It is truly life-changing."

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Meet your team

Find out more about our team and how they can help you.

Rajesh Modha

Director, Chartered Financial Planner, Registered Life Planner® and Certified Financial Coach.

I believe my role involves helping our clients understand themselves so that they can make purposeful decisions about their lives.

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Neil Modha

Mortgage & Protection adviser

The best part of my job is arranging a mortgage for people to buy their dream houses. I also protect their lifestyle by arranging insurance.

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Manesh Chohan


I have a degree in Money, Banking and Finance. Day to day, my role involves supporting the advisers’ work, helping with mortgage applications, insurance and pension transfers.

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Kay Solanki

Client Care Manager

What do I enjoy most about my job? Getting mortgage offers out and seeing people complete on their mortgage. It's so rewarding knowing I've helped someone achieve their dream

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